Headmaster of School: Professor Lewis Luk
Ranks obtained: 7th Duan by the Chinese Wushu Association in 2008
8th Duan by the Chinese Wushu Association in 2015
9th Degree by the World Wide Martial Arts Association

Primary Lineage: GM Ip Man GM Wong Shun Leung Prof. Lewis Luk
Secondary Lineage: GM Ip Man GM Ip Ching Prof. Lewis Luk
Full Lineage: Wong Wah Bo & Leung Yee Dai Dr. Leung Jan Chan Wah Shun & Leung Bik Ip Man Wong Shun Leung & Ip Ching Lewis Luk

School: Lewis Luk Ving Tsun Association (formerly known as Wong Shun Leung Scientific Association) (Founder & Chairman)
Organizations: Ving Tsun Athletic Association (Chairman 2004-2006, Chairman of Board of Supervisors 2019 to date)
Ip Man Tong Development Council (Founding Director and Secretary)
Ving Tsun Development Council (Founder & Chairman)

Bio of the Headmaster
Inspired by the late Bruce Lee, Prof. Luk started to practice martial arts since 1974. The first martial art he studied was Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu. He was first certified as Ving Tsun Instructor by the late GM Wong Shun Leung (instructor of the late Bruce Lee) in 1994. In 2000, he was also certified by GM Ip Ching (2nd son of GM Ip Man). Luk subsequently became the Founding Director and Secretary of Ip Man Tong in 2000 (ˇ§Tongˇ¨ means Museum); Chairman of the 1st World Ving Tsun Conference in 1999; Chairman (2004ˇV2006), Permanent Honorary Advisor and Chairman (2019 to date) of Board of Supervisors of Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA). VTAA was founded by GM Ip Man in 1967 to unite all Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) practitioners around the world. GM Ip Ching passed away on 26 Jan 2020.

GM Wong Shun Leung passed away on 28 Jan 1997. After his death, Prof. Luk met his third teacher, GM Ted Wong (May 1997) and started the training in Jeet Kune Do (JKD). In the same year he joined the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Nucleus as the first overseas member. With the approval from the Nucleus, he set up the first overseas branch known as Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do HK Chapter, now known as Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (Hong Kong) and acted as its Founder & President. In 1999 he was accepted as the 1st apprentice of GM Ted Wong in Hong Kong. In 2000 he was certified as JKD Instructor by GM Ted Wong who died in November 24, 2010. In 2017, as the representative of GM Ted Wong in Hong Kong, he was supported by over 100 martial artists around the world to petition for ˇ§Jeet Kune Doˇ¨ as Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong.

In 2008, Prof. Luk founded the Ving Tsun Development Council. He participated in the 1st Hong Kong Wushu Duan Wei Exam and was certified to 7th Duan by the official Chinese Wushu Association. After seven years, he participated in the exam again and was certified to 8th Duan in 2015. He was being certified 9th Degree in Wing Chun Kung Fu by the United States Martial Arts Association (USMA) and 9th Dan in Jeet Kune Do by USMA. USMA is now known as World Wide Martial Arts Association.

Prof. Luk has participated in many martial arts activities such as the Honorary President of Hong Kong Wushu Union (HKWU) since 1998; Guest of Honor for the annual Hong Kong Wushu Sanshou Open Competition since 1998; Honorary Chairman of the 5th World Wushu Championships in 1999; Team Manager of the Hong Kong Wushu Sanshou Team of the 7th World Wushu Championships in 2003; Ceremony Host of the 2nd World Ving Tsun Conference in 2005; Traditional Wushu Advisor of HKWU since 2010; Director of Greater China of USMA since 2015 and President of Great Chinese Martial Artists Association (GCMAA) since 2016.

On 3 August 2012, Luk acquired the original Letter written by the late Bruce Lee to GM Wong Shun Leung dated 11 January 1970 from the Wong's family. The Letter was loaned to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum as part of the Bruce Lee Exhibition.